High Elf Slayer Swords Across 30 Years!

Three generations of Slayer Sword winning Elves!

  • From 1993, Paul Mcarthy with their High Elf Prince Tyrion
  • In 1999 Jakob Rune Nielsen with their version of High Elf Prince Tyrion. An update on the classic Jen Goodwin using parts from the original and the later 1997 Elven steed.
  • And in 2023 Albert Moretó Font’s vision of a Lumineth Realm-Lord, using dozens on kits and call backs to the miniatures heritage!

Interestingly all pieces have one part in common, the smaller Dragon head from the horses helmet features in all 3 pieces crossing 30 years of Golden Demon!

Thanks to Albert for digging in and finding this information!

High Elf Prince Tyrion by Paul Mcarthy

High Elf Prince Tyrion by Jakob Rune Nielsen

Lumineth Realm-Lord by Albert Moretó Font