Golden Demon: 36th Anniversary Quiz!

On this day (27th June) 36 years ago the first Golden Demon event took place. Here is a little quiz to test your knowledge! It has some obscure questions and fun facts.

Like all things, this is not 100% perfect. Some of the information is open to interpretation but it is all a bit of fun!

(*I had to write my own quiz code to have it work how I wanted. There maybe a bug or two!)


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Question 1

What year was the first Golden Demon?

Question 2

How many continents has Golden Demon visited? (BONUS: Can you name them all?)

Question 3

Which city did the first Golden Demon take place? (BONUS: Do you know the venue?)

Question 4

Who was the youngest person to ever win the slayer sword? (BONUS: Do you know their age at the time?)

Question 5

Who has been awarded the most Golden Demons?

Question 6

How many countries has Golden Demon visited? (BONUS: Can you name them all?)

Question 7

Who won the first Slayer Sword in 1987?

Question 8

Who has a 100% success at winning the Slayer Sword?

Question 9

Who has won the most Slayer Swords? (BONUS: There might be more than one! Do you know how many swords they each have? HINT: It's the same amount)

Question 10

Roughly how many Golden Demons have been awarded in total? (0.5 point awarded for answers within 100)

Question 11

How many major iterations of the Golden Demon trophy has there been?

Question 12

How many Golden Demon events have taken place?

Question 13

How many trifecta winners of Gold, Slayer Sword, and Forge World Best of Show have there been? (BONUS: Can you also name them all?)

Question 14

What country did the first European Golden Demon take place? (BONUS: Do you know the year also?)

Question 15

Can you name the two masterminds behind starting Golden Demon?

Question 16

What year did the Skink Priest win Gold, Silver and Bronze?